Obedience in faith

I once heard a story that happened during the Brownsville Revival days in Pensacola, FL.  There was a young girl who attended the service with her friend.  During the slow praise and worship, she leaned over to her friend and said, “I know this is crazy, but I feel like the Lord told me to do cartwheels down the aisle right now!”  Her friend replies, “well if the Lord told you to do it, you better do it!”  So this girl, nervous to get out in the aisle at the thought of looking like a fool in front of the thousands present, walks out and starts to do cartwheels.  A loud sound of whaling is heard from the balcony.  Some of the men run up to see what’s the matter and find a man who is weeping and screaming out.  When they asked him what is going on, this man replied, “I walked in here tonight an athiest, and I said, God, if You are real, have a girl do cartwheels down the aisle during the praise and worship.”

I love to share this story that portrays our Father who is intimately concerned about the details of bringing those He loves to Him. What a moment for that man that he will never forget.  I also think of that girl and the boldness she displayed despite the fear in her heart.  There will be times where we will hear the Lord speaking to us, whispering things that we could easily mistake for our own thinking.  He is going to ask us to do things we have never experienced before, sometimes out of His desire to work in our own hearts, and some for the sake of others.  Get ready for Our creative God to blow your mind, He’s ready and waiting to!  We know that a good father and leader will help push us out of our comfort zones, for that’s where we learn and grow the most.

You see, there are men and women like this athiest that we will encounter on our journey through life.  Some who even now are waiting for us to come along their paths.  Many times in the Bible we read the words from the Lord saying, “Do not fear” (Joshua 1:9, Acts 27:24 are a few), 1 John 4:18 says, “perfect love casts out all fear.”  May our love for the One, who in Him is our confidence, dispell all fear we may face.  May we be ones that He finds quick to recognize His voice, and quick to obey!  Let us brush off any fear of man…for there’s no room, and focus all our attention and find all our pleasure in satisfying the heart of the Man who is worthy of it all!  I pray all of our endeavors to be obedient in Him, are birthed out of the assurance that we have tasted and seen that Our God is good, that we find joy in obeying such a wonderful Father and King!


A few recommended blog posts…

I hope this finds you in the midst of a wonderful day and that you had a great Thanksgiving week with your family and friends!  

All three Exodus Cry teams, West, East and Central, have arrived back in KC and are transitioning back to life that’s not on the road!  What a time it was…Full of the unexpected, beautiful scenery, many new friends along the way, amazing food and fellowship, life changing ministry times, not much sleep lol, packing and unpacking, moments where you hoped time would stand still, people you wished you had more time with and on and on.   In the next few days I will write more of what the Lord did at some of our screenings.  

I’d like to encourage you to read a few blog posts that will really give perspective and more of the Lord’s heart concerning the sex trade: 

One is by Benjamin Nolot, founder of Exodus Cry, titled, “The Ancient Path of Abolition.”  


The other is by Kimberly Johnson, Co-founder with her husband Bob, of I.dignify. at Bethel titled, “The Night that Changed Everything: Red Light District in Cambodia.”  


Have a blessed day and may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.


More on our time in California…

            NUEVA VIDA RADIO, LOS ANGELES AREA           


A few of us were interviewed on Nueva Vida Radio station in Camarillo, CA with Pastor Netz.  This was live to at least 600,000 listeners nation wide.  We spoke on the Lords heart concerning the global sex trade and were able to pray on air as well, definitely a strategic open door as well as fun times!



Pastor Bob and Kimberly Johnson, founders of I.Dignify, were the hosts for the event.  It was completely packed out and a wonderful night with expectations succeeded!

I.Dignify (Ministry out of Bethel):  After 30 years in ministry, Bob had a live altering moment with a child who was 3 days out of sex trafficking in Vietnam. From that day forward, Bob and Kimberly have committed their lives to see modern day slavery come to an end.  They are building a team of like minded people all working towards a common goal.  Their primary focus is the rescue and restoration of children all over the world.  They also put great emphasis on the prevention of modern day slavery by educating parents in villages, providing safe homes for at risk kids and much more.



We also had a very restful time in Redding, it was right in the middle of our tour so it was a great time to rest and the perfect place! We had the honor of staying with an amazing couple for part of the time and then up on a breathtaking mountain for the rest!  Our hosts had a gourmet dinner party for us beautifully decorated in their backyard and invited some great people for us to connect with.

While up on the mountain one morning, we caught this beautiful friend staring at us from the back patio 🙂  I went outside as it began to rain…all ready for the day and didn’t care one bit!  It was so much fun as these four deer would play hide and go seek with me, this lasted for about 20 minutes.  They would skip down the mountain and then a minute later, one or two would walk pretty close up to me and then they would do this over and over again.  Made my day! 🙂



Many pictures from our tour are on this site if you would like to see more, taken by our tour photographer, Michelle Park:

@Redding-Pre Screening

Thank you for joining me on this journey, more updates coming soon…

Some of our Southern California Screenings…


When our team arrived at Biola University, many college students were already waiting in line before we even set up, they were definitely expectant to see the film!  230 students gathered on this afternoon, many stayed for worship and ministry time afterwards.


Davis, the college pastor at Biola, lead the ministry time for us so our team could split up and head to 2 other screenings that evening, one at Pepperdine University in Malibu, and one at Valencia House of Prayer in Valencia.



Our time at Newport Beach was AMAZING!  Our team pulled up to the most amazing house on this island in awe of the beauty surrounding it!  The Lord is so good with how He chooses to bring us times of refreshing.  Ours came these few days from this beautiful island as well as the amazingly sweet and encouraging couple you will see below in these pictures.  Our host, Steve, (the one on the skateboard), and his wife Nancy, (center of the last picture), rented out the Lido Theater for our screening.  He walked to his neighbors, over 800, and between that and other marketing, gave out approx. 1,500 flyers for the event.  He really paved the way for this to happen!


Before the screening, we checked on Nefarious flyers he posted at different stores etc.  In the first picture below, we are standing in front of the Lido Theater where they posted Nefarious, very cool!

In the picture below, this is our team with Steve (host) and Chris (a co-producer of Nefarious).   Our screening on Newport Beach went well.  I know that many eyes were opened to the reality of what is going on with the issue of human trafficking on a global level, as well as hearts being moved towards our Savior in a greater way!



This was definitely a screening of divine appointments.  Only about 40 were present, but those that the Lord wanted there showed up.  One of the actors in Nefarious who is from France showed up unexpectedly.  He is the one standing between Crystal and I in the first picture.  We had several others from the entertainment industry present and were able to connect them together as well as pray for them and what the Lord is doing in their lives etc.

The second picture is one of my really good friends from Master’s Commission in KC whom I haven’t seen in 12 years!  He is a photographer in the LA area for the entertainment industry, so good to see him.  Hosting screenings in the LA area was very something that I felt very hopeful about and expectant for the Lord to move.  One of my prayers while in the LA area was that the light of Jesus would shine and go forth throughout the city and that a desire and hunger for Him and for truth would arise.    

One of our team members aunts has worked at Capitol Records in LA for over 20 years.  We were able to take a tour, “act” as though we were singing and had a great time!


Afterwards she took us to a famous little Italian restaurant where many of the stars frequent.  We ran into, the one and only, yes you guessed it…Fabio lol!  Crystal and I approached him and his friend for a picture and that ending up leading to a 45 minute conversation about the Lord, where we sat with them as they ate.  I know the Lord moved in their hearts and we were able to speak into their lives about their destinies in Jesus!  Powerful!


I will update soon on more of what the Lord did and our time in Southern Cal.  We are currently in Tacoma, WA and had a screening last night at Pacific Lutheran University.  It went so well, broke out into a time of extended worship and ministry time as well as prayer for the city and repentance.  C’mon Jesus! More updates soon, have a blessed day and I pray that the Lord would bless you and keep you, and make His face to shine upon you.

San Diego

I’m catching up on posting pics and writing about our adventures on the road!  These pics below are from our time in San Diego. While there we stayed with the Brown’s who are an amazing family!  Eddie took us to do street evangelism on a corner of the downtown area where he often goes.  The first picture is of Crystal and myself spending time with a homeless lady who had tears stream from her face as we prayed destiny and worth over her life.  The second picture is of one of our team members Luke doing his first open air preaching, it was awesome!  He just started yelling out, “Are you thirsty…..” and starting his preaching from there!  Many walked by as different team members took turns doing this, some scoffing and yelling back completely horrible remarks, and some stopping for a minute to listen and then kept on walking.  We also were able to minister to some one on one and are trusting that the Lord moved on their hearts as the night went on.


A neat testimony is that there was one girl that caught my attention.  She had pinkish hair, dressed very creatively :-), and I almost passed her by because I felt she would just ignore what I had to say.  I’m glad I didn’t.  I walked up to her, introduced myself, and told her that the Lord wanted her to know that she is beautiful and that He has a plan for her life.  She does not believe in Jesus and calls herself an athiest.  She thanked me and said it meant alot to her that I would pick her out of the crowd and approach her.  I prayed for her and as our conversation went on she was more hungry to talk about Jesus and listen to what He wanted to say about her.

Another testimony from that night is one of our team members walked by a guy sitting on a curb as they began to talk she felt a suicidal spirit on him.  After praying for him he told her that he was contemplating suicide that very night and walked away encouraged that the Lord sought him out!  C’mon Jesus!!



The above pictures are from the Safari Park that’s connected to the San Diego Zoo.  We had an amazing time and went on a safari ride that reminded me of our Safari in Tanzania.  The last picture is of a tea party I had with little Iris and Eden Brown….amazing girls!

While in San Diego I was able to meet up with a friend of mine, Valerie, that I haven’t seen for 12 years.  We were in Master’s Commission together in KC back in 98-99 so it was so good to catch up with her and meet her husband and son Noah.  Our time in San Diego went well.  Our screening though was cancelled due to a power outage that went from Southern Cal to parts of Arizona and Mexico.

I will post an update soon on some of our screenings in So Cal, they were awesome!  Have a great day and thanks for joining in on my blog and our time on the road!

APU Screening

Here are some pictures from on the road….a good portion of our journey!

These are pictures from our screening at Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, CA.  Here we were at an amphitheater on a chilly night where many would show up with their blankets ready to bundle up for the film.  Close to 300 came out, some from the University and some from the city.  Several other anti-human trafficking organizations set up booths for those who would like to get involved in their own city.  That is one of our goals for each screening, to have other organizations from the city we are in available for people to have a local connect with.


First Screening: Phoenix, AZ

We have been on the road 3 1/2 weeks now and it is going really well. Our journey began all piled up in a stylish minivan with 2 1/2 months worth of luggage for five, and merch for our book table….yes, pretty exciting!  We left KC on Sept. 3rd and stopped first in Colorado Springs and visited Every Home for Christ.  We were amazed at the set up at their prayer room and all the Lord is doing through their ministry to the Nations.  Below is a picture of a record they make and send to indigenous people groups, to hear the record you attach a metal piece onto a piece of cardboard and it plays, AMAZING invention!


On our way to Phoenix we stopped at the Grand Canyon.  We were in awe the whole afternoon at the beauty and creativity of the Lord.  You literally can stand in one place on the path and look out for hours and still not be able to take it all in…and definitely cannot help but think on the Majesty of the One who created it.




We had our first screening at the Justice House of Prayer.  Afterwards we entered into time of intercession specifically for brothels to be shut down in Phoenix.  The very next day, ABC news writes that 30 people affiliated with the Phoenix Goddess temple were charged and 18 arrested, 19 were not found.  The head was the founder of the brothel named Mystic Mother, she was one of the 18. She had a brothel in 2009 in Seattle shut down.  Thank you Jesus for this!  We are expectant of all the Lord is going to do, much of what we will see and hear with our own eyes and ears, but even more of what we will never know…He is Faithful!

I will write soon of the updates on our screenings so far in California…please be in prayer as we are headed to do a screening tonight at Berkeley, what an opportunity!  We are believing for a shift on that campus, for the Lords presence to come in a tangible way, for hearts to be ignited for the issue of human trafficking and even more so, to be awakened and desiring of  the One who longs to capture their hearts, Jesus Christ.